About this
man’s-best-friend business

The Vision

The vision of Ultimate Pet Care is to serve as exclusive hands, in this busy life of our dog owners. With an exclusive mobile grooming unit we will come to your house. Providing a variety of exclusive services including professional dog grooming, food delivery, dog vet transport service, dog sitting and providing the best catalogues for clothing, accessories and toys.

The Business

Ultimate Pet Care truly live up to our slogan – Bringing the BEST care to mans BEST friend. We are not here just to groom your dog, but to build a strong, long-term, personal relationship with each of our clients and their owners.

Our team of highly professional groomers, work hard to maintain, all grooming standards on a weekly basis.

Dogs come first, that’s why their well being is extremely important to us. We provide a weekly or fortnightly packages to 90% of our clients, so all our dogs can maintain a good and clean coat (removing knots can be extremely painful, thats why we recommend grooming as often as possible). We also make sure our dogs get to know there groomers and we avoid, unnecessary long travel in car, or waiting in a cage.

This brand has developed its own clothing and bed range: “UP” – Lets jump… for the Ultimate Pet. We also do food delivery, pet sitting, dog walking, vet and transport services.

Become a part of the ULTIMATE family today. We are the Ultimate Grooming Service!

The Mission

As human being we like to be treated and taken care of. So, why not give the same your best friend- the one that’s always excited to see you, waving its tale and running to the front door when he hears your voice.

Dogs have feelings just like us. They need to be loved, looked after and they should be treated with only the best. At Ultimate Pet Care, dogs come first. Our mission is to bring the BEST care to man’s best friend. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and their dogs. Therefore, our first priority is to promote a safe, professional and loving environment and attitude towards our clients and their dogs.

Take care of the dogs that LOVE you so much.

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Ultimate Pet Care ensures the highest standard of service, grooming and care. We have expert, professional trained groomers that will take care of your dogs, styling to breed standard or client’s personal requests.