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Montego Classic Wet Dog Food - Adult

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Perfectly balanced, thoroughly satisfying and highly digestible nutrition for adult dogs and puppies.

Why choose Classic Wet Food?

Classic is Montego Pet Nutrition’s original, flagship range. Over time, as the range has expanded to include nutrition for various breeds and ages, its formulations and production processes have also been refined and perfected. This level of quality, care and pride can be found in each Classic product.

What’s in Classic Wet Food?

Classic Wet Food is rich in high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, providing complete & balanced nutrition for puppies and adult dogs in four mouth-watering flavours – Juicy Steak in Deliciously Rich Gravy, Succulent Beef & Wholesome Veggies, Tender Chicken & Nutritious Veggies for adult dogs and easy-to-chew Tender Chicken & Soft Cooked Rice for puppies.

Daily Feeding Guide

Weight of adult Dog (kg)

Cans per day (385g can)

Cans per day (775g can)

Grams per day (Cans only)

385g Cans + kibble (g)

775g Cans + kibble (g)

1 - 10

Up to 2

Up to 1

Up to 770g

Up to 1 can + 90g dry

Up to ½ can + 90g dry

10 – 20

2 – 3½

1 - 1¾

770g – 1315g

1¾ cans+ 125g dry

¾ can+ 125g dry

20 – 30

3½ - 4¾

1¾ – 2¼

1315 – 1780g

2 cans+ 185g dry

1 cans+ 185g dry

30 – 40

4¾ - 5¾

2¼ - 2¾

1780 – 2155g

2¾ cans+ 245g dry

1 ¼ cans+ 245g dry

50 +


3¼ cans+ 310g dry

1½cans+ 310g dry

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