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SAFE TOUCH is an everyday carry device made of solid antimicrobial brass. It is used to avoid unneccessary touching of surfaces and interaction with elements such as door handles, doors, ATM machines, point of sale machines, ticket machines, flush plates, public restrooms, shopping bags, etc.

It's main actions include:
  • Push
  • Press
  • Open
  • Pull; and
  • Carry
Hopefully the pandemic does not last forever, and when it is finished, SAFE TOUCH may still be used to avoid touching unknown surfaces. It also functions as a handy bottle opener.

Benefits of using Brass
Brass is natural ANTIMICROBIAL material as a result of the copper content within the alloy.
Of all the surface materials, the COVID19 virus has the shortest lifespan once in contact with brass. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine)
This makes brass the ideal material with which to touch unavoidable surfaces as opposed to plastic, perspex or steel alternatives, on which the virus survives between 3 and 5 days.
Brass is a beautiful timeless material that ages through time to a stunning natural finish.

SAFE TOUCH is created with an expert level of craftsmanship. It is cut from a single sheet of solid brass, with a high level of precision at a pain staking slow speed to ensure perfection.
It is then removed from the sheet and finished further through several more processes.
The process of manufacturing and packaging gives several people and their families the opportunity to make a living during these uncertain times.

SAFE TOUCH, a simple tool to prevent the spread, keep you safe, support industry and the lively hoods of many other.

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